New Finned Radiator for Transformer
New Finned Radiator for Transformer

New Finned Radiator for Transformer’s Advantage

(1) Heat dissipation advantages of materials: The material of the new product uses high-strength

aluminum alloy. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 204W/(M*K). At present, the cooler’s material used for the transformer is steel, and its thermal conductivity is 45W/(M *K) (natural cooling fin radiator). Obviously, from the new product material, the conduction thermal efficiency is three times of the existing finned radiator.

(2) Heat dissipation advantages of structure: internal oil passage of fins and external air passage of heat dissipation fins greatly increase the internal and external heat transfer surface area, and the calculation results show that the new product can increase the heat exchange area by 5-6 times, and the heat dissipation performance, the original heat dissipation structure and heat dissipation effect are not the same as the old one.

(3) The advantage of light weight and small volume: Due to the material, the new finned radiator  is light in weight, and as the different structure, under the same heat dissipation performance, the volume is relatively small, and the internal volume is very small, so the oil filling amount is greatly reduced.

(4) The advantages of new craftwork, new structure and high pressure resistance: Since the new finned radiator has the structure of inner&outer fins, it not only improves the heat dissipation performance but also improve the pressure resistance of the product. The core of the new finned radiator is integrally brazed and molded, the inner and outer fins not only play a role in heat dissipation, but also strengthen the pressure resistance of the oil passage. The design pressure is 2.0MPa, the burst pressure is 5.0MPa, the pressure resistance is excellent. The traditional finned radiator has a pressure resistance of only 0.15MPa, so the product stability advantage is obvious.

(5)  The diversity of structural design can completely replace existing products, such as the following structure:

(6)  The new finned radiator has superior performance. The heat dissipation capacity of 7pcs of fin can match about 35pcs of traditional fin. Therefore, by increasing the number of fin of new radiator, to eliminate the necessary of using fans in the tropical region. Minimize manufacturing and usage cost.


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